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Blue Leaf Hospitality Continues to Serve the Hospitality Industry

Blue Leaf Hospitality has announced that it is continuing operations following the dissolution of BLUECOAST out of their main warehouse and facility in Miami, Florida.

Founded on more than two decades of industry expertise, Blue Leaf Hospitality produces casegoods, indoor and outdoor seating, upholstery, tables and banquettes for the hospitality and commercial industries.

The company also welcomes the return of John Taber to their executive team, as the newly appointed hospitality market manager.

“We truly enjoy working in the industry, and despite this being a time of transition for our company, we look look forward to the future and what the remainder of 2014 has in store for us,” says Stan Shockley, CEO of Blue Leaf Hospitality.

Blue Leaf Hospitality maintains active operations on a global platform to offer the highest quality furnishings. The firm employs the finest craftsmen across the United States, Europe and Asia to produce a range of products including: casegoods, wood and rattan seating, upholstery, barstools, tables and bases and banquettes. The majority of their services and offerings revolve around custom product solutions inspired by their client’s design and vision.

John Taber, who brings over 20 years of experience in the furniture industry, will oversee market development and client relations, working closely to deliver quality product solutions that are sensitive to budget restraints and meet production schedules.

Formerly a regional sales manager for Shelby Williams, and later the founder of Just Hospitality, Inc. where he served as an independent representative for various furniture manufacturers, Taber has extensive experience working with designers, architects, hotel and restaurant owners, healthcare managers and timeshare operators.

“I met Stan Shockley 22 years ago and am excited to renew my relationship with Blue Leaf. Over the years I have accumulated a keen understanding of the manufacturing process and quality standards, from concept and prototype stages, to full scale production. I look forward to working with our clients to find the best solution for their design needs,” added Taber.